Energy East 101

Energy East 101, a four-minute handimation gives a comprehensive background on the controversial Energy East pipeline proposed by TransCanada.

March to the End of the Line

May 30th in Red Head, NB

On May 30, a local Red Head group organized an inspiring march to the ‘End of the Line’ bringing together local residents, Indigenous people, youth and representatives from the fisheries and unions. People linked arms forming a human line in the sand against Energy East on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.

Fishing at the End of the Pipeline

with David Thompson

David Thompson fishes out of the Mispec harbour in Saint John, New Brunswick. He is concerned by the proposed Energy East pipeline from TransCanada. This fossil fuel development will lead to increased marine traffic in the Bay of Fundy that augments the possibilities of collisions, fishing gear loss, oil spills and other issues that affect his ability to make a living. 

Wolastoq vs. Energy East

with Alma Brooks

Alma Brooks, Wolastoq clan mother from St Mary's speaks about the Wolastoq (Saint John) river and the importance of that river to the Wolastoq. The proposed Energy East pipeline would travel the entire length of the Wolastoq traditional territory, unceded territory as outlined in the Peace and Friendship treaties. 

The End of the Energy East Pipeline

with Barry Harrigan

Barry Harrigan, resident of Red Head, Saint John discusses the implications of the Energy East pipeline project on this little community. 

Whistleblower warns about Energy East

with Evan Vokes

Evan Vokes, a former materials engineer at TransCanada Corporation and a pipeline safety advocate, blew the whistle on TransCanada's poor safety record and practices. He is warning Canadians about the danger posed by the Energy East pipeline proposal which includes re-purposing an antiquated gas pipeline for shipping raw bitumen from the Alberta tar sands to Quebec were it will connect with another pipeline to the Bay of Fundy.